Sunday, August 25, 2013

Photobooth fun

Having spent a bit of time mentally wading through the travails of being in a long distance relationship, I wrote a little something I thought I would share. All I can say is, oh the crazy things we do for love.

Are you to fill the peering void within?
I fret with small hellos, painted smiles, how do you dos and pleasant farewells but the looming space remains.
Peering into a furtive canvass of green mired in blue and brown, of hope dancing with regret and with a penchant for tomorrow,
You retreat from me into a solemn place not retractable by foot or song.
Can you uncover the untrodden tracks that might bear witness to sultry whispers within?
By the virtue of a prod of whit or whimsy, a scornful glare or a glistening tear replete with apprehension,
Might I unearth the artifacts of your grand retention?
Or have our paths diverged incomprehensibly, unimaginably, undeniably, irretrievably?

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