Friday, August 16, 2013

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012
Governors Island, NY
*Seriously* Old German Camera 35 mm film

I was rummaging through the inordinately large pile of nonsense that resides in my desk and discovered these pictures I took at last years Jazz Age Lawn Party. For anyone that is not familiar, the Jazz Age Lawn Party is when cloches, bowler hats, flappers, and beads galore make their 21st century debut. Everyone dresses up 1920s Great Gatsby style- and you'd be surprised (or not) at the amount of 1920's enthusiasts that have the style perfected from head to toe. For this event I toyed around a bit with double exposures, and thought they worked particularly well in creating a lively, dynamic dancing shot! I was most impressed with the first lady pictured above, whose wicker baby carriage was just too appropriately perfect to pass up.

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