Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pentax A3000 35 mm
Streets of NYC

The last time I was in Maine, I discovered this 35 mm Pentax A3000 at a yard sale- along with a stephen king book that I have yet to read- for $5, practically free!

 I knew that it must be mine, and have been itching to use it since. A few days ago my lovely coworker Emily and I galavanted around the city while she provided fundamental how to's on using my new cam. Here are some of the shots from this roll, click on them to make them bigger:

Farmers Market; Union Square
*I think this one is my fave*

IFC Theater; Lower East Side

Comedy Club; West Village

My Brother; Union Square

Construction Worker; Flat Iron

Musician; Washington Square Park

Graffiti; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I spend a lot of my free time walking around manhattan and brooklyn, and the streets are always teeming with an eclectic profusion of culture and life. It can be incredibly overwhelming but also beautifully inspirational.

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  1. nice pictures..Can you sell it to me please?